Mongolia & Inner Mongolia 12 Days

Departure Date Tour Fare Air Fare Total Single Suppl  
04/19/2017-04/19/2017 $1999.00 $1500.00 $3499.00 $900.00
05/17/2017-05/17/2017 $1999.00 $1800.00 $3799.00 $900.00
06/14/2017-06/14/2017 $1999.00 $1800.00 $3799.00 $900.00
07/12/2017-07/12/2017 $1999.00 $1600.00 $3599.00 $900.00
08/16/2017-08/16/2017 $1999.00 $1500.00 $3499.00 $900.00
09/06/2017-09/06/2017 $1999.00 $1400.00 $3399.00 $900.00
09/20/2017-09/20/2017 $1999.00 $1400.00 $3399.00 $900.00
10/11/2017-10/11/2017 $1999.00 $1400.00 $3399.00 $900.00
Departure Date Tour Fare Air Fare Total Single Suppl  
04/19/2017-04/19/2017 $1999.00 $1500.00 $3499.00 $900.00
05/17/2017-05/17/2017 $1999.00 $1800.00 $3799.00 $900.00
06/14/2017-06/14/2017 $1999.00 $1800.00 $3799.00 $900.00
07/12/2017-07/12/2017 $1999.00 $1600.00 $3599.00 $900.00
08/16/2017-08/16/2017 $1999.00 $1500.00 $3499.00 $900.00
09/06/2017-09/06/2017 $1999.00 $1400.00 $3399.00 $900.00
09/20/2017-09/20/2017 $1999.00 $1400.00 $3399.00 $900.00
10/11/2017-10/11/2017 $1999.00 $1400.00 $3399.00 $900.00

Day 1 | USA - Beijing  

Board our international flight bound for Beijing and look forward to a Mongolia adventure.

Day 2 | Beijing  

Our flight lands at Beijing. Meet our tour guide and transfer to the luxury hotel. The rest of the day is free at leisure.

Day 3 | Beijing - Ulaanbatar, Mongolia  B,L,D

Transfer to airport and fly to Ulaanbatar. Upon arrival meet our local guide and transfer to hotel. After lunch our city tour takes us to Bogd Khan Palace Museum, National History Museum, and Gandan Monastery. In the evening visit the Tumenekh National Ensemble and enjoy the performance of Mongolian traditional songs, dance, and music.

Day 4 | Ulaanbatar - Gorkhi-Terelj  B,L,D

Continue our city tour of Ulaanbatar with visits to the Chinggis Khaan Square and Parliament House before heading to Gorkhi-Terelj. On the way we make a stop at a huge statue of Chinggis Khaan. In Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, our sightseeing tour includes some famous points such as the Three Friends Cave, and the Turtle Rock. Next we visit a Mongolian nomadic family to see their daily life and enjoy the Mongolian traditional meal “Horhog”. Overnight stay in a yurt in Ger Camp.

Day 5 | Gorkhi-Terelj - Ulaanbatar - Hustai - Ulaanbatar  B,L,D

After breakfast coach back to Ulaanbaatar and have lunch upon arrival. In the afternoon we visit the Hustai National Park, one of the best-known and prestigious special protected areas in Mongolia, to see the historical spots and the beautiful wildlife including the unique wild horse – Kakhi, and Przevalsky's hors. After visiting the Wild Horse Museum, we return to Ulaanbatar.

Day 6 | Ulaanbatar - Nomad Tribe - Ulaanbatar  B,L,D

This morning we visit the Nomad Tribe to experience the everyday life of traditional Mongolian family and herders in real life. The activities include making and tasting dairy products, milking yaks, sheep, goats, and mare, watching horse show, and learning to sing folk songs. In the afternoon, we continue our city tour of Ulaanbatar by visiting the Shijiamoni Buddhism Park and Zaisan Memorial that honors Soviet soldiers killed in World War II.

Day 7 | Ulaanbatar - Hohhot, Inner Mongolia   B,D

Board a flight bound for Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Upon arrival we start our city tour of Hohhot immediately with a visit to the General's Official Residence of Suiyuan. Then we check in to the hotel for dinner and accommodation.

Day 8 | Hohhot - Grassland  B,L,DS

After breakfast we journey to the Grassland of Xilamuren by coach. In Mongolian, “Xilamuren” means “Golden River”. Upon arrival you will be warmly welcomed in a ceremony by colorfully dressed Mongolian girls. At lunch, taste the Mongolian flavor – “Mutton” (Mongolian style boiled lamb). Later watch the locals in horse riding, wrestling and archery. Then visit the Herdmens family, savor the authentic milky food and explore the Aobo Hill. Dinner will start with a toast ceremony with the silver bowl and “Hada” (white or blue silk scarf which is a token of greetings in Inner Mongolia). After dinner, enjoy a graceful performance of Mongolian songs and dances. At night we stay in mushroom-like yurts.

Day 9 | Grassland - Yinken Resonant Sand Gorge - Ordos  B,L,DP

Rise up early to take the wonderful view of sunrise on the grassland. Then journey by coach to Yinken Resonant Sand Gorge. On the way look at the Mother River of China, the Yellow River and the bridge. For lunch, savor the famous local cuisine – Carp from Yellow River. Located in Kubuqi Gobi, Yinken Resonant Sand Gorge earns same fame as Mingshashan in Dunhuang and Shapotou in Zhongwei, in China. Yinken is a Mongolian, Chinese means "permanent”. Here we experience a natural phenomenon. Sliding down from the sand hill, one can hear the sounds like automobile and aircraft engines, a phenomenon nobody can explain. For dinner tonight the delicious local dishes of Ordos will be served.

Day 10 | Ordos - Mausoleum of Genghis Khan - Hohhot  B,L,DP

The first stop of our sightseeing today is the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, the great leader of the Mongol Tribe. The coffins containing the remains of the Khan and his wife are enshrined in bedroom palace behind the memorial hall in the center of three inter-connected hall in the design of Mongolian yurts. Later we head back to the city of Hohhot. For dinner, we enjoy the tastefully Mongolian Medicine Hot Pot.

Day 11 | Hohhot  B,L,DP

Continue our city tour of Hohhot. The tour takes us visit to Dazhao Lamasery, one of the biggest and best-preserved temples in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. For hundreds of years, it has been considered as a religious center for people from all over Mongolia. Next we go to the Zhaojun Museum, said to be the resting place of Wang Zhaojun, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. To end the tour we visit the Residence of Princess in Qing Dynasty. Tonight, a special banquet of one of Mongolian culinary treasures called “Youmian” (oat noodles) is served for our dinner.

Day 12 | Hohhot - Beijing - USA  B

After breakfast transfer to the airport for our homebound flight as our unforgettable Mongolia and Innter Mongolia trip ends.

All Deluxe Hotels For Your Comfort

  • All 4-5 star hotel accommodation for your comfort, or deluxe Mongolian yurt for fresh experience.
    Beijing – New Otani Hotel (5*)
    Ulaanbatar – Chinggis Khaan Hotel (4*)
    Gorkhi-Terelj – Mongolian Yurt (Deluxe)
    Hohhot – Jinjiang International Hotel (5*)
    Grassland-Mongolian Yurt (Deluxe)
    Ordos-Crowne Plaza Hotel (5*)

Fine Dining

  • Fine meals as specified in the itinerary including daily breakfast in hotels or yurt, lunches, dinners, and Mongolian specialty cuisines

Special Entertainment

  • Ulaanbatar – Mongolian Traditional Music & Dance Performance 
    Gorkhi-Terelj – Mongolian Nomadic Family Visit
    Nomad Tribe – Life skills of traditional Mongolian family and nomads  
    Grassland - Mongolian sports and cultural activities


  • Air-conditioned tour coach with professional driver service

  • Knowledgeable tour guide throughout the tour

Travel Protection

  • Complimentary travel insurance